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Water Starters ideas by Gluuumi
Water Starters ideas
Based on lynxes, sharks, rays, and a little bit of coral but I'd like to change the final evo especially to include more.
Fire Starters by Gluuumi
Fire Starters
Skawnpite (Fire)
The Scorch Pokemon
  -Skawnpite are very nocturnal pokemon, sleeping in the hollows of trees during the day. Their feathers are so hot that, if threatened, this pokemon can fire them at targets, causing painful burns.

Mokurn (Fire)
The Scorch Pokemon
  -Moving with ninja-like speed, Mokurn glide from tree to tree leaving zigzag shaped sears on branches as they go. To deter attackers, Mokurn can shoot impressive fire-balls and smoke-bombs.

Strixoot (Fire+ Dark)
The Ignite Pokemon
  -Hardly ever seen by humans, this Pokemon stays deep in the darkest parts of the woods and preys on pokemon and humans alike who enter their territory. They are often mistaken for UFOs as they can create huge, smoking, meteor-like craters in the ground.
Golden Fish by Gluuumi
Golden Fish
Squdish (Water)
The Pond Scum Pokemon
(Based on blob fish and just cute squishy stuff)

Gildiore (Water + Steel)
The Gilded Pokemon
(Based on sword fish, gladiators and swords)
Flapper Flowers Sprites by Gluuumi
Flapper Flowers Sprites
Blubily (Grass)
The Shrill Pokemon
 -This pokemon is incredibly anxious and can burst into tears at almost any time. Its wails are so loud they can cause paralysis. 

Flapolet (Grass)
The Shy Pokemon
 -This pokemon is very shy but also likes to dance. Despite their agility, they are very emotionally fragile and get embarrassed easily.

Divangea (Grass)
The Primadonna Pokemon
 -Divangea, although incredibly beautiful pokemon, are very high maintenance and needy. They release a perfume that's almost too sweet.
Leader Marina by Gluuumi
Leader Marina

Name: Marina
Type: Water
Description: "The girl with a heart as deep as the sea"
Gym idea: Gym has a pirate ship theme with sailors you have to fight. Marina is at the front of the ship.
Background info: Marina is head of her town's regiment of the navy/coastguard idk for sure and has to be very prim and strict with herself. However she's actually really goofy and likes the idea of her being a pirate instead. She thinks of her pokemon more as friends than her pokemon.
Pokemon: Kappin, Givrolea, (rainy duck that doesn't have a name)

Before Battle: 
"Ahoy! I am Marina, the briny lass in charge of this here ship, the Motwick Bay Gym! Heehee! Time to weigh anchor and set sail, you will challenge me? You'll be nothing but shark-bait when I'm finished with ya!

During Battle:
"Heave ho!"

Last Pokemon:
"Just water off a duck's back..."

After Defeat:
"Well it looks like it was I who was in too deep... "

After being defeated:
"Oh phooey! Now my hair's all wet! Here's the Brine Badge, bucko, you won fair and square. But I won't be so easy on ya next time"


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Hi Dan Banana!

How are you doing, did you have a wonderfull Christmas?
I was wondering how its going with your break time :P
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Hi there, my christmas was a bit shit actually, anyway I hope yours was good! I'm not sure I'm gonna come back at all sorry, I just feel like I'm too busy for this anymore :(
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I will at some point! I promise ♪
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I hope you had an incredible birthday! :) (I know I'm late, but college eugh)
Gluuumi Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2015  Student General Artist
Thankyou so much and thankyou of indulging me and my stupid journal, it made me very happy~
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It's okay, I'll post the rest when I have a breath :')
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